Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Life @ Logica"

Itz time to Step into Corporate Word!!!!
     I feel very happy to share my first day experience @ logica....Itz everyone dream to get a job,tatz really gr8 day for me,when it becomes true in my life...Itz nearly stepping into next level of my life.To say breif i can never forget that day,itz a cluster of happiness and sadness,mixed emotions filled my day...The most unexpected crucial incident that i have faced is,during my travel on my joining date, I missed my Passport n Pancard terribly in bus journey.I came to know very late @ the time of producing my certificates in logica.I was feeling very bad @ that moment...Thank god,i got them back after a couple of days thru post.I am very thankful to the person who took n posted me back...Most unforgettable moment in my life

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  1. Welcome to logica...Accidently it happened to see ur blog...but ur first day experience is very terrific...Life @ logica is really cool and you will sure enjoy it..

    PS: Sorry being a stranger posting on your blog but after reading tis..i felt like writing